deb_roffeDeb Roffe is a professional psychic medium. She provides psychic readings and healings for your body, spirit, or your home or business space regarding any areas of concern you might have in your life. Certain beliefs or energies can prevent you from moving forward. Whether they are related to your love relationship, family, money, career, health, or something else, Deb can help to move and release blocks or old beliefs that have collected in your body or spirit from this lifetime or a past one.

Deb’s readings can provide numerous benefits to anyone who wishes to reconnect with kindred spirits, departed loved ones, or to connect with beings and energies in the spirit world, including angels and spirit guides. Deb specializes in reading and moving energy around departed spirits. Losing a life partner, a child, another family member, or a friend due to unexpected circumstances has the potential to put you and your life into a tailspin. Getting another opportunity to communicate or say goodbye can provide comfort and peace and the ability for you to move forward. Knowing your loved one is still there by getting a sign or an answer to a question can help to ease your pain and grief from their loss. As a pet communicator, Deb can also read and heal your pets, whether living or departed.

Deb’s readings are considered spiritual readings because they create a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm. She can help you gain peace and increased spiritual awareness, which allows you to flourish in your day-to-day life.