About Deb

deb_roffeFrom the time Deb was a little girl, she knew she could see things that were not of this world. What she saw frightened her, and not having any framework for understanding, she kept quiet. Oftentimes, because she had no place to go and no one she could talk with, she lay in bed terrified. As a little girl, she kept it all secret.

Even at a very young age, Deb understood that, in addition to what she saw, she knew things other people didn’t know. Sometimes, she knew about events and circumstances before they happened. Deb started to understand that what she “saw” wasn’t coincidence—these happenings were something she actually “knew.”

Eventually, as she grew older and observed more, Deb began to understand that her mother was intuitive. Deb discovered that her mom seemed to know things without knowing how she knew. As a result, Deb began to believe that what she was experiencing was okay and not something to be feared.

By the time Deb entered her twenties, she began to open up and talk with her mom. In observing her mother and through talking with her, Deb saw that there was a connection between their experiences. Deb discovered that this ability had been passed down from one generation to the next.

When Deb became a life coach, she started to use her intuition in her coaching practice. The more people wanted it, the more willing she was to lead with her intuition. After Deb’s mom died and Deb began working with a psychic, she found out that her mother was with her. For a year, she talked to her mom through the psychic. That’s when she realized she wanted to strengthen her own gifts.

Over the course of the following three years, Deb attended and graduated from the Inner Connection Institute for Psychic Development. To this day, she continues with graduate practices and works with her mentor. In time, she began to communicate directly with her mother. Deb knows that if she hadn’t been able to talk to her mom during her grieving process, she wouldn’t be where she finds herself today—understanding that life goes on and that life is eternal. Her mother’s death created the opening for Deb. She was able to connect more deeply with her abilities and to express what she experienced and be more open about them. She discovered that more than her intuition is available to her. She is now able to claim that she is a psychic, a healer, and a psychic medium.

As Deb says, “Along with helping people connect with their loved ones that have crossed over, which is my passion, I teach people how to step into their intuition and deepen their psychic abilities. I love what I do. It is my way of giving back for all I have received.”